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We Win Personal Injury Cases

Receive fair and just compensation for any injuries suffered from a no-fault accident with help from the office of Drew M. Louviere A Professional Law Corporation. We offer the very best representation in a wide variety of personal injury cases, including everything from auto accidents to workers compensation claims. Our attorneys are always here when you need us. With our support you will get the compensation you deserve.


Practice Areas

You deserve first-rate representation for your personal injury. At our firm, we represent clients that have incurred serious injuries through no fault of their own. This includes situations such as car or truck accidents where someone has received permanent or lasting disabilities and even loss of life.

Our Specialties Include

Construction Accidents - Dangerous Properties or Buildings - Defective Products - Dog Bites & Animal Attacks - Emotional Distress - Wrongful Death - Industrial Accidents - Maritime Injuries - Offshore Accidents

The Legal Process

Call us today in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to schedule a consultation and have the entire legal process explained to you. Our friendly lawyers take the time necessary to explain your rights under the law. In most cases, you will be due damages for a number of things, including:

Based on Loss of Wages - Work Capacity - Medical Expenses - Pain & Suffering - Loss of Enjoyment of Life

Case Fees

Get started with your personal injury case for free! There are no upfront expenses as we negotiate our fee on a case-by-case basis.